2012 was a busy year for us at Kiddicare. It saw us purchase our very own nappy making machine – a proud moment we can tell you! From that day on, we have been hard at work designing and developing the perfect nappy range – the optimal balance between absorbability, lightness, comfort and price. Just like our children we are constantly on the go, designing disposable nappies which are lightweight, modern and say a big ‘no thank you’ to nappy rash.

Raising a family can be tough, but finding trustworthy, affordable nappies doesn’t have to be. Give us a go so we can move towards a world of dry and comfy babies where average nappies are a thing of the past.

A different kind of nappy

Our new five layer ultra-thin absorbent inner core made from hi-tech fibre makes for a better performing nappy. Using non-traditional materials, this allows us to say a big ‘no thank you’ to lumpy, bumpy and bursting nappies.

Thanks to years of research, these nappies have double the absorbency whilst being our lightest creations yet. Genius!

Our nappies are ultra-breathable and only 4mm thick, which means no more bulky and heavy nappies for your baby, keeping them comfortable for longer.

A specially designed pearl shape cotton top layer provides a soft and gentle touch to the delicate skin of your baby.

Your baby’s delicate skin is precious, so we don’t use harsh chemicals in any of our products.

Every size nappy has a unique and stylish pattern, making babies’ bums even more adorable.

We’ve been working hard with some of the best in the business to perfect the design of our nappies, inside and out. New Zealand’s leading designers created our stunning packaging, which features the irresistibly cute Kiddicare family of animals. Many hours went into developing the perfect cuddly characters, which were lovingly handmade by a very talented New Zealand toymaker. Kiddicare nappies and wipes now bring a smile to babies and parents alike!