What our customers are saying

The best ever! These are so lightweight and so silky to the touch. While dealing with my sick boy who slept for a long time, he drank like 4 bottles and there was not one leakage; I couldn’t feel any wetness on bub or the nappy. They are amazing. Poor thing was also suffering from diarrhoea from the antibiotics but had no worries with these nappies as I didn’t have one problem with any getting out. I don’t usually give feedback on things…but this product is very worthy.


I would just like to say – I am IN LOVE with these nappies!! I have never felt a nappy so soft and flexible and I can tell Harlo is the comfiest she has ever been! You wouldn’t even think she had a nappy on in these. I can’t compliment them enough! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! I wish I knew about these sooner!!


“Thought I would write a ‘thank you’ to you. I purchased your nappies after trying all the top expensive brands for my baby girl. All the top brands seemed to leak out the sides or I would have to change a sleeping baby several times during the night, that was until I tried yours. They are brilliant and I would highly recommend them to any new mum. I am using the crawler ones at the moment and will definitely be moving up the stages as she grows, Thank you!”

– Stephney

“Just a quick note to say keep up the good work with your nappies. They are an excellent product. I use to be a staunch Treasures buyer but after trying your product I’m sold. They seem to do a better job at keeping my little monsters explosions in the nappy (sorry about the detail!) & the nappy pants are perfect for my 3 year old who wears them at night. I’m also impressed with the pricing & have no hesitation in buying them by the boxful to put at grandparents, the cowshed or even in the back of the car. You guys rock & I’m happy to give you positive feed back.”

– Dayna

“I am just writing to say how impressed I am with your products. I was always a Huggies user but finances are tight and could only afford your products, after hearing good things I thought I would see for myself, and wow, I will be continue to buy Kiddicare products. Great stuff guys. Nice that there are quality stuff for struggling families.”

– Susanne

“These are the only nappies I have found that let me sleep through without waking up to my daughter in wet sheets. I’ve got at least another 2 years of nappy usage between the oldest and the youngest and with the quality for the price I wouldn’t have a problem paying extra…”

– Bec

“These nappies are my new favourite as these are the only ones that my son doesn’t react to and he doesn’t leak though them either. Ultra soft and light. Also a really good price for the amount of nappies in the packet, an awesome price for a fabulous product.”

– Ashley

These are my daughter’s favourite nappies. Emi is my little miracle baby, born 11 weeks early spending 105 days in nicu and requiring return hospital trips for operations. These nappies are so soft for over her hernia scar.

– Eve

Other brands are bulky and plasticky whereas Kiddicare is light, soft and fits comfortably! They are the only brand we love – others we only buy if we absolutely have to. I often direct other parents and caregivers to Kiddicare in the supermarket aisles

– Jennifer

“I recently purchased some of the Kiddicare nappies for my two boys…I love them they are very affordable & great quality.”

– Renee

“My son has been using your product since we discovered it here in NZ.  It’s not only economical, but user friendly and I love the quality.  


“Absolutely loving your new gen nappies.  They’re so soft, hold fluids so well and no wee smell.  Not to mention the great designs.  I’m literallly telling anyone who will listen how great they are.  Well done team! 

– Jana

“My girls have used your nappies and still do.  Your nappy pants are the best, they are the only ones that don’t give my babies a rash! 

– Sharlene


“Can’t believe how thin but super absorbent they are.  Great for little legs that are trying to move!

– Alanah

“My son loves the picture on them!  Your nappies don’t give my boy a rash and they are an affordable price! 


“I loooove the Kiddicare, especially the nappy pants.  WE LOVE the soft elastic waist as it doesn’t irritate his skin like tabs do, especially in this heat!  

– Aimee

“I love how they don’t give my baby a Kim K bum in anything she wears.  These are amazing and look like she’s wearing nothing underneath.  

– Samantha 

“I finally found a nappy that my daughters don’t get rashes in.  My 2 year old Lexie is in the nappy pants and she loves them.  I love how they are stretchy.  My 1 year old daughter is in Walker and hasn’t had a a rash since day 1. Plus the price is great for mummy


– Tuia

“We love Kiddicare nappies!  Have never had a problem with rash or leakage!  And they’re affordable!  I just wish we had have started using them earlier.




“Love your new nappies!  Our girl is a well known poo explosion queen whenever we get into the car without fail, most days we would go through about 3 outfit changes.  We have tried at least 3 other brands and nothing changed so I just accepted the explosions and stocked up on stain remover.  A friend receved one of your samples and recommended them so I brought some last week and have had no explosions in them yet!  A happy customer!


– Nicole