Frequently Asked Questions

We (and our amazing customers) believe that Kiddicare Nappies are simply the best nappies in NZ. If you have a question, we’d be happy to answer it and would love to hear from you!

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The new Kiddicare price seems higher than the old Kiddicare. Why are we now paying more?

The Kiddicare New Generation nappy range has a much higher absorbency rate than the previous nappies, so you’ll end up saving more as you will end up using fewer nappies.

The new Kiddicare nappies seems extremely thin compared to other major nappy brands. Do they actually work?

Our new patented 5-layer ultra-thin absorbent inner core means even though they are thinner and lighter they are even more absorbent, so you’ll now have a better performing nappy. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if the product does not perform as you expect, we are happy to give you a refund or replacement nappies.

I’ve noticed that the new price for Kiddicare Nappies is more expensive than it used to be. Why is this?

The Kiddicare New Generation nappy range is the ultimate choice for keeping your baby happy, comfortable and dry throughout the day. We’ve designed and manufactured our new range to have a much higher absorbency rate than the previous product, using our unique and patented fabric technology.

So, even though they may cost a little more upfront, you’ll actually being doing less changes and using less of them – meaning you’ll be saving money in the long run!

The new Kiddicare Nappies seem very thin in comparison to other major nappy brands in NZ. Do they actually work?

We want to provide the best nappies in NZ, meaning they need to be super absorbent, light and comfortable. The amazing patented five-layer ultra-thin absorbent inner core of Kiddicare Nappies means that although they’re thinner and lighter than ever before, they’re also more absorbent than ever before!

Although they may feel thin to the touch, it’s the quality and absorbency of the fabric that really makes the difference. And let’s be honest, no one likes an unnecessarily thick and chunky nappy!

We really do believe they’re the best performing nappies in NZ, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, if the product does not perform as you expect, we’re more than happy to provide a refund or replacement for your inconvenience.