At Kiddicare, our baby nappies are different. We’ve been hard at work since 2012 designing and developing the best nappy range for New Zealand bubs, striking the perfect balance between absorbability, lightness, comfort, and price.

We know that babies and toddlers are always on the move, and need a durable nappy that’s going to move with them, while still keeping them dry. Kiddicare Nappies are lightweight, toxin-free, and say a big “no thank you” to nappy rash!

Unlike other brands that offer bulky and uncomfortable nappies, Kiddicare infant nappies are only four millimeters thick. This means they’re ultra-breathable and will keep your baby comfortable all day.

As well as being gentle on baby skin, Kiddicare Nappies are super strong when it comes to absorbency and controlling leaks. Our new patented five-layer ultra-thin absorbent core technology is made from high-tech fiber, making for a nappy that simply performs better. We use gentle materials and no toxic chemicals, so you can say ‘bye-bye’ to irritated skin and lumpy, bumpy toddler nappies.

Take a look at our great range of crawler nappies below and buy online!

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