Nappy Pants

Kiddicare Nappy Pants are a fantastic way to take the stress out of change time for your active bub. Our pull-up nappy pants have the amazing absorbability and durability of our regular nappies, however, they’re designed like pants, so your baby can step in (and out) of them. This makes changing time much more convenient, especially if you’re changing on the go!

Kiddicare Nappy Pants are made from our fantastic patented five-layer ultra-thin absorbent core technology, so your wriggly bub can stay comfortable and dry all day. We use gentle, non-toxic materials that won’t irritate even the most delicate of baby skin, so you can say ‘bye-bye’ to nappy rash!

Our nappy pants come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every infant or toddler, no matter their age, weight or physical development level. Every pair of nappy pants also comes with a super stylish unique design to make your baby’s bum even cuter!

Have a browse of our range below and buy nappy pants online today!

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